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Curved fillet knife

Thanks to the curvature of the blade, the entire cutting plane is used. This knife is ideal for portioning fish

Fillet knife flexible

This fillet knife is mainly used for smaller fishes and flatfish. The flexible 18 cm allows for effortless filleting of

Fillet knife hard

This tough fillet knife is designed for large and firmer fish species such as perch and cod. Specially designed for

Fillet set complete

Complete fillet knives series Features: Set consists of: herring/strip knife, portioning knife small and large and a hard and flexible

Fillet set professional

Complete fillet set.   Features:   Set consists of herring/strip knife, portioning knife small, fillet knife hard and flexible, oyster

Portioning knife large

The large portion knife is mainly used to portion already filleted fish. This knife is made of hard steel, which