Group packages for companies and associations:

  • For associations and companies we provide fun and interesting fish, filer and tasting evenings. Next to the filming there is a beautiful catering kitchen and in fine weather there is an outdoor kitchen. Everything is possible. Mini Fish auction with 15 kinds of fish, shellfish and crustaceans to taste. Filers, sashimi, baking, grilling, wine bar.
  • Filer evenings different kinds of fish (kinds in consultation, everything is possible).

Evenemts on location are also possible. For more information Mail form Photos

Information regarding the workshops and courses.

  • Enough space up to 30 people
  • 2 to 3 teachers
  • Starting 19:30 Make sure you are there 19:20 !
  • Bring your own cooler bag/box to put the fish in.
  • Good footwear because it can be damp. Furthermore, a sweater is also advisable because of the cooling that is on.
  • Knives and aprons are provided.
  • Location of the Fileerderij Schuitemaker Vis. Smidstraat 2, Katwijk aan Zee.
  • Entrance via the stairs at the back of the company, here you can also park.

Roundfish Workshop:

  • The filing of various North Sea roundfish such as whiting, haddock/pollock and Cod.

Sea bass, Dorade and flatfish workshop:

  • Learn to filleting and clean different types of flatfish, sea bass and dorade in different ways.

Sea bass, dorade and catch of day workshop:

  • It in different ways learn to filleting and clean the day catch North Sea fish, sea bass and Dorade.

Herring Workshop:

  • Learning to filers of buddies in the English way, but also the story of purchasing, Jaws, brining, freezing and maturation are covered. It is also possible to log in to the other workshop dates if you only want to learn to Fileren/cut herring (outside the herring Workshop).
  • Monday 19:15-21:30

Salmon & Sashimi Workshop:

  • Leather filing of salmon and sashimi cutting. Different salmon tastings and drinks!

Tuna Workshop:

  • Learning to filleting a large tuna of 7-9 kg. Cut out the fillets to loins, toro, steaks and sashimi. Grilling, baking and tasting. Pay attention to limited place!

8-day Course Katwijk 2019:

  • Start Monday evening 7 October at 19:15 till 21:15.
  • 8 Monday evenings consecutively.
  • The fish (4-5kg) that is filmed/cleaned will take students home.
  • All the famous fish species are covered.
  • Lesson from highly experienced fish-skenners and filers of well-known fishers and production filings.
  • Very instructive but also cozy!
  • Course costs EUR 230 incusively knife set TWV EUR 45, excluding the fish.
  • Fish is charged per night and is approximately EUR 15-20 per time, depending on the fish species.
  • Location: Fileerderij Schuitemaker Vis, Smidstraat 2, 2222AS Katwijk aan Zee

Workshop location Katwijk aan Zee: